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ANTVR Transformers OLED VR Headset for PC Gaming 2160x1200P

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ANTVR Transformers OLED VR Headset for PC Gaming 2160x1200P

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The ANTVR comes with the best display technology called OLED Display. OLED is the best type of display screen ever made. OLED displays best and crisp quality image with TRUE colors. 

Connect to any Computer and start playing Virtual Reality games. You can play any Virtual Reality compatible games at the best high quality and immersive experience. 

Unlike other Virtual Reality headset this one has a resolution of 2160x1200P which is better than many famous Virtual Reality headsets. The display also is a 90 hertz which is much more smoother than the standard displays in other Virtual Reality headsets. 

If you wish to get the best experience that a Virtual Reality headset can offer for the best price, this is the headset for you. Enjoy amazing gaming and movies on Virtual Reality and become part of a different world.


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  • The ANTVR Cyclop is an immersive virtual reality headset kit which comes with a gamepad. The headset is a display device which you put on your head, blocking your sight&hearing from the real world, leading you into the VR world.
  • Flagship configurations
  • Resolution: 2160*1200
  • Screen: OLED dual displays
  • Refresh rate: 90hz
  • Premium optical design
  • FOV: 110 degree
  • Lenses: distortion-free fresnel lenses
  • Glasses-friendly: yes
  • A world of contents
  • SteamVR contents
  • Inovated design
  • Adaptive IPD adjustment
  • LCLV viewing windows
  • Built in HiFi standard earphones
  • High standard manufacturing
  • Premium engineering quality
  • Professional supply chain